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Sadie Mae

Our asparagus connection! 

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More fresh garden goodies!!

Brian Scott Mushrooms

Locally grown mushrooms

Veg Out is first and foremost about providing local, fresh produce. It is about knowing where your food comes from, having a connection to me, the grower, knowing you can trust me, and that I will proudly stand by the delicious treats I sell! 

Secondly, Veg Out is about having fun with your food, and growing as many unique vegetables as possible!! Every week Veg Out has a new recipe for one of our delightful veggies, such as beet chocolate cake, pumpkin cinnamon rolls, black bean taquitos, and so many more. Veg Out picks every recipe to inspire our customers find new ways of enjoying what we have in season. One of the goals of Veg Out is to grow a wide array of every kind of vegetable possible! From the usual, green beans, snap peas, orange carrots, etc... to the wonderfully exciting dragons tongue beans, purple peas, yellow and red carrots, white watermelons, and so much more!! I love searching for new and exciting vegetables to bring to market. Friends of Veg Out love trying the new flavors, and so many come back for more.

Veg Out does not use any pesticides that are not organic, and will avoid spraying any chemicals if at all possible. Veg Out has recently purchased their farm in February of 2017, so I am looking forward to increasing the diversity of goods we have to offer!


My name is Melissa! My love of growing vegetables is something I have been blessed with since birth. My great grandparents, grandparents, and parents have always played strong roles in my love of the earth between my fingers and the joy of seeing something delicious to have for yourself or to share with others that you have worked for and grown yourself. 

I began growing when I was young, taking over our family garden, with the help of my grandfather. After going to college, I found a local community garden, so I could continue with my addiction! I lived alone, so I gave most of what I grew away. Finally, someone asked why I am not selling my produce, and Veg Out was born from there.

for the love of veggies!!