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Dent Corn


Sweet Corn

Dating back to the Native Americans, this variety has significantly less sugar than our modern day sweet corn. These varieties are great for making corn meal, but most locals use them for decorations. We also have a broom corn which doesn't form an ear, but has it's kernels on top. Broom corn is also great for decorations, as well as, making brooms!

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As per request, several varieties of popcorn will be available this year. Some are heirlooms, like Bearpaw, which was popular in movie theaters back in the day, and others will be hybrids known for their great popping abilities. Homegrown popcorn does usually have a lower popping ratio than what you may purchase in the store, but the homegrown popcorn is definitely more defined in flavor!

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Perfectly delicious when in season, sweet corn can have white, yellow or even bicolor kernels. This year I am sticking with one bicolor variety, but it seems everyone enjoys something different, so I switch up the varieties from year to year. These delicious pearly ears will make a great addition to your table this year.

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