How does a Farm Share work?

The customer receives a share of fresh produce, eggs, herbs, mushrooms, and other locally grown treats from Veg Out throughout the summer that they have purchased in advance of the upcoming season, This is an investment in the farmer's agricultural season, giving her the benefit of knowing how much to plant, and giving the buyer the best variety of produce and goods possible, since seed costs can be allocated properly. Share holders receive a share weekly or biweekly for 20 or 10 weeks throughout the summer, starting the first week of June and ending in October. Our share is what is called a FULL share, which is a box (about the size of a half bushel) or bag (usually the size of a reusable grocery bag). If you go on vacation one week or just can't pick up your share, we can arrange for a friend or neighbor to get it for you.

F A R M    S H A R E

What is a Farm Share?

A Farm Share provides an opportunity for customers to purchase in advance the best produce of the year! This helps the farmer, since most farmers have higher expenses in the spring. It also benefits the veggie lover, because it guarantees you receive the best the farmer has to offer all summer long and into the fall!

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