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Deep Hollow Forest Farm, owned by Brian Scott, is located just outside of Weiser State Forest, which is a perfectly shaded area for growing his delicious mushrooms. He also uses only naturally grown practices to grow his shiitake and oyster mushrooms. He is currently working on finalizing his certification for collecting wild mushroom.


Veg Out is owned and operated by me, Melissa! I have been growing produce and gardening for almost as long as I could walk. I stopped for a while when I was in college, but began again when I found some community garden space nearby. I would grow an abundance, more than I could eat, and give them away to my friends and family, simply because growing them is the most EXCITING part to me! (Next is eating them!) One day a close friend of mine asked why I don't grow and sell at markets? I was speechless! Lol!! I had never thought of it. Shortly after, I began researching what I would need to do, created my company, and then..... INCREASED my growing space from 500 sq. ft. to over an acre!!!! More importantly, after only my first year, I cannot express the joy and unbelievable satisfaction it gives me to make my produce available to my fellow marketeers to enjoy with me.

Veg Out

Mary Ann was introduced to me through Sadie Mae. In my first year, 2014, I had underestimated how much I would sell. I had planted just over an acre of vegetables, along with about another half acre of corn. I started with the Lemont Farmer's Market, and then started Halifax, because I had extra. However, by mid-July I had grown more popular than I could maintain!! I also had a complete crop failure of zucchini, and forgot to plant PA Dutch Goosenecks (Halifax's favorite for pumpkin pie), jalapenos, and a few other things. Needless to say, Mary Ann, as well as Sadie Mae, saved me. So Veg Out became not just me but a cooperative, to ensure that no matter the weather or what happens on one individual farm, we'll be able to provide for you continuously throughout the summer!!

Sadie Mae was one of the first sources I contacted about getting additional vegetables. Since all of my ground is rented and those are not guarantees from year to year, I could not grow asparagus. Sadie Mae was selling her asparagus through a local greenhouse, and the owners offered to get me in touch with her. Our growing philosophy is the same in that we only use organic sprays, and furthermore, only when necessary. It was a perfect fit! Sadie, along with help from her children, harvests the asparagus, along with a variety of other vegetables for all of us to enjoy!!!

Mary Ann

Sadie Mae