Sweet and creamy! These are available in the beginning of Fall, and as you can see from the photos, I have varieties that come in many colors. Aside from the color, their level of sweetness is also different, but they are definitely all delicious!

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Radishes are available in the spring and fall, as they do not like the hot heat of summer. Some varieties are spicy, most of the varieties I carry are fairly mild and available in different colors!

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A staple in most American homes. I grow early varieties that come in around the beginning of July. I usually have them from then until late October with a bushel sale in November of late storing varieties. The varieties I grow come in different colors, ranging from white to red to blue!

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Sweet Potato     


Beets are super healthy! They can be eaten raw, roasted, and even pickled! Beets come in many different colors: red, purple, yellow, striped, and even white. Be careful though when peeling them they "bleed" and will dye your fingers.

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Oh what a great Fall treat! I know pumpkins are what everyone is looking for, but turnips are great and delicious! The easiest way to enjoy them is to simply slice them and lightly salt them!

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Similar to beets, we have carrots in a variety of colors. A little know fun fact is that the orange carrots we have today are not what they originally looked like. Back in the middle ages, carrots were purple or white. One was fed to livestock, while the other was used for human consumption!

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